Creating custom products to meet the clients needs.

Blackman Enterprises is a small black owned company founded by Michael Washington in the Spring of 2000 under which the first company formed was Blackman Graphics a graphic design service company. While still a college student he saw the vision to create a parent company under which he would form many other companies to comprise Blackman Enterprises and it's ventures. As a young entrepreneur Mr. Washington established himself as an upcoming graphic designer with his first venture with Blackman Graphics. In 2002 the company expanded with the forming of 63 Degrees, a promotional company and in the summer of 2005 the company invested with family to open a local mechanic shop dubbed "Rice Automotive." In 2009 he started another company "Da Shop Tattoo" which turns hand drawn artwork into personal body expression. As a christian, a family man and a business man Mr. Washington has always exerted himself positively and wholly in all task that he takes on. He finishes them in a timely, professional and economically considerate manner.

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