Creating custom products to meet the clients needs.

63 Degrees Productions

63 Degrees productions, started out of necessity for a promotional entity due to the dawning of the 1st annual Iota Phi Theta Gospel Fest in San Antonio. This venture was a collaboration of NWIII and 63 Degrees productions. The dawning of the 4th annual Gospel Fest in March of 2007 was a successful one. And the for a 5th annual Gospel Fest in 2011 received monetary donations for the 1st annual  Iota Phi Theta San Antonio Scholarship Fund. 63 Degrees has also help to promote the San Antonio At-Large Grad Brothers in there efforts to revitalize the local Epsilon Phi Chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio with presentation materials to include custom Power Point presentation designed specifically for the chapter, and custom banner design. It has also help in the design on materials for the newly established Gamma Alpha Omega San Antonio Graduate Chapter of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. Fruitful in my ventures I have again set my sights to help a friend and local Gospel Rap Artist Jon' "J-Sing" Singletary with his upcoming album release. To include items such as Front and Back Cover Design, Official 'J-sing' logo design and the super icy 'J-sing' charm piece.